What can I expect to experience after a Reiki Session?…

healing energy lightImmediately after a session you may experience: –
Heightened emotions
You may feel quiet and not want company
You may feel tired
These are normal after a large energetic shift has taken place, and they should return to normal within a few days.

Some things I may notice after my Reiki Session:
In the days and weeks ahead, pay particular attention to things like:-

Issues you came to address. Diarise these.
Do you feel more relaxed?
Do you feel more peaceful and less upset by everyday issues?
Do you feel more tolerant?
Is your breathing more relaxed?

After a session
Drink plenty of water for the rest of today, and over the next 3 days, rather drink water to quench your thirst than tea, coffee or cold drinks.
You may experience a change in bowel movement within the next couple of days-softer or looser-this is part of the emotional shifting and release taking place.
You may find detoxification symptoms occurring within the next 24-48 hours period. You may feel somewhat uncomfortable. A true healing crisis is when one or more of the following symptoms are experienced: –
Cold or Flu-like symptoms
Temporary skin rash
Diarrhoea, odorous or discoloured stools
This is caused by the release of dis-ease causing toxins. This process should be supported rather than suppressed.

Follow up sessions:
To maintain a healthy energy system, it is advised that you have Reiki at least once a month.

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