Is Reiki accepted by the Allopathic medical world in South Africa?…See what a Medical Aid had to say in their newsletter…

reiki energy 2IN BRIEF: Reiki is the practice of transmitting healing energy through the
hands, based on simple, ancient healing techniques. It is based on the
belief that, by channelling spiritual energy through the practitioner, the
spirit is healed and the spirit, in turn, heals the physical body. According
to proponents, it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages,
detoxifies the system, and provides new vitality in the form of healing
universal life.

The ancient practice of Reiki (pronounced ray-key, a Japanese word for
“Universal Life Force”) has recently become popular again as people look for
new ways of spiritual healing to compliment their lifestyles. It is a system
of natural healing that channels this “life force” through the hands.

The traditional Asian medical paradigm sees injury, dysfunction and disease
as a manifestation of weak or out-of-balance body energies. Reiki accesses
the source of Life to heal the self and others on spiritual, mental,
emotional and physical levels. Reiki allows the source of well-being to
enhance and balance natural life forces through non-intrusive therapeutic

It is claimed that Reiki augments and accelerates the healing process. It
may be effective in cases that do not respond to other forms of treatment
and in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality. Many believe that
creative energy is the essence of all healing. The famed humanitarian, Dr.
Albert Schweitzer, said, “We physicians do nothing, we only help and
encourage the physician within”.

Reiki is a spiritual power that came with the Buddha’s enlightenment. He
gave that gift to his students along with meditation techniques that were
the means of his self-realisation.

In the late 1800’s a specific formula for accessing Universal Life Force was
discovered in some Sanskrit writings by a scholar seeking knowledge of what
the Buddha taught about healing. Mikao Usui realised that the experience of
God is more essential to fulfilment of the purpose of life than the power of

The experience of Reiki is a vehicle used to become conscious of your own
being, regardless of faith or concepts. The ability to channel healing
energy through the hands is awakened through a series of direct transmission
initiations that attune and align energy centres in the body and hands.
Reiki is not a system of religious beliefs.

Among the benefits claimed by its practitioners are:

* Stress and pain relief

* Relaxation of muscle spasms

* Releasing “emotional blockages”

* Accelerating natural healing

* Stimulation the immune system

* It may be used in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality

* It is completely safe and benign

While medical doctors lend no scientific credence to practises like Reiki,
many would agree that anything that promotes calmness and sense of well
being will not damage a patient’s path to wellness, especially when used
together with conventional medicine

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