Subtle energies…What are they?…Why are they important?…

aura 4When teaching Reiki, time is spent on understanding the basics of energy medicine. There are some who do not like using Reiki and Energy Medicine together as they say that Reiki is more of a Spiritual healing modality than a physical one. By dividing the human being into separate entities – physical, emotional and spiritual – we start treating ourselves as different parts of one being. The thing is-every physical thing I do has an impact on my mental, emotional and spiritual state. Every emotional thought I feel, has an impact on my physical and spiritual state and finally, every Spiritual experience I have affects the way I feel and behave physically. For me it is all one.

plant auraIt is widely believed that every object has an aura, especially humans, animals and plants. Another word for an Aura is an Electromagnetic Field. This aura is the subtle energy field. Physics suggests that every thing is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that our consciousness interacts with the subtle energies that underlie and sustain physical reality.

EinsteinIn Western culture, Allopathic Medicine is grounded in the Newtonian view that the human body is a machine controlled by the brain and the nervous system. But, there is another approach to healing, the Einsteinian pattern which is seen in Vibrational medicine. This paradigm sees the human being as a network of complex energy fields that merge with physical and cellular systems. All matter is energy.

“The theoretical perspective is that our subtle bodies or the aura are affected by our emotional, mental, and spiritual states. If there are imbalances, in any of these areas, it will then affect the physical body.” (3)

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