dried herbs-sacredsutineWe are so excited to be able to invite you to meet Margie Frayne who is visiting KZN for the express purpose of sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with herbs for healing of people, animals and birds.

Margie is a South African herbalist, with 40 years’ experience, who is currently the chairperson of AFRISCO, South Africa’s only organic certification company. A published author who has written in excess of 400 articles on herbs, herbal healing, primary health care and organic agriculture. She has written and published herbal booklets and charts, “Health in the Home with Herbs” and “Herbs for Birds and Other Caged Animals”, and edited and published “Essential Organics: A Complete Guide for South African Gardeners”.

Margie is a firm believer in a variety of complimentary healing modalities and an advocate of natural medicines for humans and animals, merging her knowledge and experiences of organic agriculture, of herbal healing and nutrition, in order to improve the health of others.
We have attached our invitation to you with the relevant information. We hope you become as excited as we are at the prospect of sitting at the feet of such an expert, who has 40 years of experience behind her.

With love, light and harmony

Sue and Christine

pamphlet photo for social media

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