Some last minute gift ideas for your special someone…

christmas flower
Sometimees we want to give our loved ones a gift that resonates with them. Do you have a family member who practises Reiki or a form or subtle energy healing? The following are gifts that they will value:

smudge-lavenderLavender smudge sticks. When burnt they help to bring about a sense of calm and well-being. R20 per stick.


Umhlonyane smudge sticks (African Wormwood). Used to clear negativity and enhance meditation. Also very good for burning to discourage insects. R20 each.

pendulumsBrass pendulums used to ‘read’ the areas of the body where there are blockages. R75 each.

GemstonesGemstones used in energy healing. Ranging in price from R10 to R35.

Chakra candles-smallThinner and dipped chakra candles. R100 a set or R15 each. Usually R150 a set or R21 each.

Chakra candles-large

Beautiful chakra candles. Special for Christmas: R20 each or R140 for the set. Usual price is R39 each or R273 for the set.

Wishing you a blessed festive season

Lots of love

Sue 2

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