Are Reiki Practitioners guided by a code of ethics?… Why would this be important?

Reiki handsReiki practitioners use a system of healing that falls under the category of ‘Hands-on healing’. The word ‘Reiki’ can be split into two parts. “Rei” and “Ki”. The first translation of ‘Rei’ interpreted it to mean Universal or life force, and more recently, Sacred or Spiritual, and ‘Ki’ means energy.

When giving a person Reiki, the practitioners hands are either touching the person’s body, or a suspended a few centimetres above the person’s body. Here are some of the promises that your Reiki practitioner should be making if s/he wants to be as ethical as s/he is able to be. (These are part of the Natural Healers Association ‘Code of Ethics. You can research further at

1. I always maintain the highest standard of professional conduct towards both the client and to society;
2. I am fair and truthful with my clients and will uphold professional client-confidentiality;
3. I observe, inform and practice within the scope of my accredited training;
4. I do not medically diagnose, prescribe or treat unless licenced to do so;
5. I recognise and respect the validity of other methods of treatment and the ethical priority of referring appropriately;
6. I continuously seek to improve my knowledge and skills, in support of my client’s wellbeing and my own professional competence;
7. I use Reiki for the purpose of identifying imbalances and appropriate balancing corrections;
8. I undertake to confirm this process with my client, thus ensuring full client participation and choice throughout the consultation;
9. I recognise that Reiki is not a tool for precognition;
10. I uphold, at all times, the integrity of my professional colleagues.

When choosing your Reiki practitioner, ask them what code of ethics they follow, they may even have it hanging on their wall in their healing room.
If you are a Reiki practitioner, consider working out your code of ethics so that you have a solid foundation from which to work with each ‘client’ who comes to you.

In love, light and harmony

Sue xxx

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