Just for Today…

grounded-chewy…I am Gentle and Calm

…I Trust

…I am Grateful for those who’ve gone before

…I work diligently in all areas of my life

…I am compassionate towards myself and others

God respects me when I work, but God loves me when I sing…Tagore

The Healer by South African artist Dina Cormic

Tagore once said: God respects me when I work, but God loves me when I sing. These words have been going around and around in my head as I try to make a living doing what I am passionate about and what bring healing to others.

I have found myself, this past month, losing myself in the “WORK”. Focusing on bringing in the money and losing my focus on what my purpose is in doing the work that I’m doing.

When reading this simple and profound quote, my first reaction was: “That can’t be right. Imagine if I just wasted my life singing and playing? This doesn’t pay the bills.” But, after sitting with it for a while, I think I got it. My own interpretation, I agree, but one that made sense to me in my current situation.

Yes, it is important to work as we all have to eat and pay the bills. But…when I sing, when I dance, when I remember the joy of living, then I am truly giving thanks to The Divine Presence/Creator/God for my existence.

Lots of love, light and harmony


Giving love and healing to animals in Rescue Shelters…

melissa and horseMelissa has always had an affinity with animals and when she and her dad Lewis learnt Reiki, she chose to share this healing touch with animals in Rescue shelters.

How does Reiki work with animals?
Reiki helps to bring balance to the body, and in this way helps to energize and vitalize an animal’s system. Rescue animals are often traumatized and Reiki can soothe and calm the stressed animal.

If an animal has been put into a shelter because the owners have relocated, these animals are very often depressed and lethargic, not understanding where the human that they bonded with has gone. Melissa also volunteers at the Husky Rescue KZN in Cato Ridge. These beautiful creatures will gather around to get their share of the Reiki. They don’t necessarily need to be touched to feel the benefits.

Melissa and the huskiesReiki brings a sense of calm and well-being to these animals, as well as bringing light faster moving energy to their situation thereby giving them healing and assisting with their re-homing. Melissa relates the story of one such incident: “When I first went to Husky Rescue there was a boy named Blaze that they weren’t sure would be able to be rehabilitated and re-homed because of dominance and aggression that was caused at his previous home. The lady in charge let me go into his pen with her, and it was actually the first time he had allowed her to take his collar off and replace it without biting …. I sent him distant healing once I was home and went back again to work with him….. It was about 2-3 weeks and he had calmed and become a happy Husky and had succeeded in been re-homed! A check up was done a few weeks later and he was a completely different dog and was so friendly.”

Lewis and donkeysMelissa and Lewis have worked with some of the horses and donkeys at Out of the Blue in Alverston. Melissa notes how the horses will come to her, as if sensing that she can help them on that subtle level. Lewis related how the donkeys just can’t get enough of the Reiki and will crowd around to get some of the warm healing energy and loving touch.

If you would like to find out more contact Melissa on 082 608 0883 / mfs12121988@gmail.com OR Lewis on 074 889 1803 / wildman.durbs@gmail.com