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grounded-chewy…I am Gentle and Calm

…I Trust

…I am Grateful for those who’ve gone before

…I work diligently in all areas of my life

…I am compassionate towards myself and others

Are you a Reiki sceptic?…Then this is for you

foot reiki 1Here is an excellent, to the point article from Health24 on a Reiki experience.


A True Reiki Story…Back Trouble…

reiki healing 3A friend of mine has for many years suffered with back problems, which has been exacerbated by osteoporosis. In June 2005, her back had become so bad that the doctor recommended 12 cortisone injections directly into the lumbar bones. She was also told that she would need to rely on a neck and back brace to help ease the pain. He said that she would need to have these injections every 6 months. It was not an option to operate because of the osteoporosis.

At this time I was a new Reiki student, and asked her if I could please practice on her. She willingly agreed. She went overseas in the July for a month, and I asked if I could please practice distance healing on her, again, she willingly agreed.

healing energy lightWhen she returned from her trip, she said that she had woken up some mornings feeling well. We worked out that it had been those mornings when healing had been sent. We continued once a week, and now, once a month with Reiki treatments. To date, she has not had to have any more cortisone injections. She began exercising gently, and then about 2 years ago (2012) she started aqua exercising twice a week, and doing core muscle exercises every morning. This wonderful lady no longer wears the braces, and she can work in the garden, go for walks and pick up medium weight boxes. The doctor had told her she would always need to be careful to avoid placing too much strain on her back. Her osteoporosis has been arrested-not getting any worse. Her entire outlook on life has changed from those dismal days in 2005.

With Reiki we put no emphasis on the outcome of each session. The energy works where it is most needed. Yet it is stories like this that remind us that if our energy fields are strong and supported, we can and do feel the physical benefits.