God respects me when I work, but God loves me when I sing…Tagore

The Healer by South African artist Dina Cormic

Tagore once said: God respects me when I work, but God loves me when I sing. These words have been going around and around in my head as I try to make a living doing what I am passionate about and what bring healing to others.

I have found myself, this past month, losing myself in the “WORK”. Focusing on bringing in the money and losing my focus on what my purpose is in doing the work that I’m doing.

When reading this simple and profound quote, my first reaction was: “That can’t be right. Imagine if I just wasted my life singing and playing? This doesn’t pay the bills.” But, after sitting with it for a while, I think I got it. My own interpretation, I agree, but one that made sense to me in my current situation.

Yes, it is important to work as we all have to eat and pay the bills. But…when I sing, when I dance, when I remember the joy of living, then I am truly giving thanks to The Divine Presence/Creator/God for my existence.

Lots of love, light and harmony


We will be at the Holistic Fair coming up at Kloof Civic Hall…Hosted by KZN Healers

fb banner for sacredsutineWe are looking forward to the next fair hosted by Healers KZN. Sacredsutine will be there with all the usual:
Chakra candles
Brass pendulums
Chakra bracelets
Chakra and soul journals
Organically grown herbs: eg: Danelion leaf, stinging nettle, raspberry leaf, milk thistle etc
Pure essential oils: eg. Lavender, Frankincense, Origanum, Lemon, Clove etc
Come and join us at the Kloof Civic Hall