I’ve got joy deep down in my heart…Let’s access it!

Heart chakraThe year has begun and what better way to start it than with a loving gift to yourself. We could all do with a little more joy in our lives. Sometimes the stresses and worries of everyday life can seem overwhelming. By connecting deeply with our emotional heart we can learn to relax and celebrate life.

Joy is a quality of the heart that happens when your body, mind and heart all function in harmony. When you are joyful your body is relaxed, your mind is calm and your heart is overflowing with energy, love and peace.

1. Sit relaxed with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply a few times and sigh on each out breath.

2. Place your hands on the middle of your chest and bring to mind a past or current situation that has caused or is causing you pain or suffering. Breathe in and welcome the feeling. If tears come, just let them happen. Accept any emotion that arises and allow yourself to move deeply into the simple energy of the feeling, without the mind putting labels or judgements on it.

3. Then, as you breathe out, reconnect with a feeling of peace, love or joy. Allow the out breath to carry the blessings of peace, joy and love.

(This meditation is taken from the following book: Reiki for Emotional Healing by: Tanmaya Honervogt)


Giving love and healing to animals in Rescue Shelters…

melissa and horseMelissa has always had an affinity with animals and when she and her dad Lewis learnt Reiki, she chose to share this healing touch with animals in Rescue shelters.

How does Reiki work with animals?
Reiki helps to bring balance to the body, and in this way helps to energize and vitalize an animal’s system. Rescue animals are often traumatized and Reiki can soothe and calm the stressed animal.

If an animal has been put into a shelter because the owners have relocated, these animals are very often depressed and lethargic, not understanding where the human that they bonded with has gone. Melissa also volunteers at the Husky Rescue KZN in Cato Ridge. These beautiful creatures will gather around to get their share of the Reiki. They don’t necessarily need to be touched to feel the benefits.

Melissa and the huskiesReiki brings a sense of calm and well-being to these animals, as well as bringing light faster moving energy to their situation thereby giving them healing and assisting with their re-homing. Melissa relates the story of one such incident: “When I first went to Husky Rescue there was a boy named Blaze that they weren’t sure would be able to be rehabilitated and re-homed because of dominance and aggression that was caused at his previous home. The lady in charge let me go into his pen with her, and it was actually the first time he had allowed her to take his collar off and replace it without biting …. I sent him distant healing once I was home and went back again to work with him….. It was about 2-3 weeks and he had calmed and become a happy Husky and had succeeded in been re-homed! A check up was done a few weeks later and he was a completely different dog and was so friendly.”

Lewis and donkeysMelissa and Lewis have worked with some of the horses and donkeys at Out of the Blue in Alverston. Melissa notes how the horses will come to her, as if sensing that she can help them on that subtle level. Lewis related how the donkeys just can’t get enough of the Reiki and will crowd around to get some of the warm healing energy and loving touch.

If you would like to find out more contact Melissa on 082 608 0883 / mfs12121988@gmail.com OR Lewis on 074 889 1803 / wildman.durbs@gmail.com

“Give thanks for every living thing…Including ourselves!…

gratitudeOne of the five precepts that we learn in Reiki is: “Give thanks for every living thing.” Here is a video which Pedram Shojai and his team have made available for free for a limited time. It is called Origin.

While watching it, some thoughts that came to mind are:

* Am I living in gratitude with all that lives on this planet?
* Am I living in gratitude and treating my body as the intricate part of this ecosystem that it is?

I encourage you to take the time and watch this movie. It is just over and hour and a half long, so watch when you know you will not be interrupted.

Subtle energies…What are they?…Why are they important?…

aura 4When teaching Reiki, time is spent on understanding the basics of energy medicine. There are some who do not like using Reiki and Energy Medicine together as they say that Reiki is more of a Spiritual healing modality than a physical one. By dividing the human being into separate entities – physical, emotional and spiritual – we start treating ourselves as different parts of one being. The thing is-every physical thing I do has an impact on my mental, emotional and spiritual state. Every emotional thought I feel, has an impact on my physical and spiritual state and finally, every Spiritual experience I have affects the way I feel and behave physically. For me it is all one.

plant auraIt is widely believed that every object has an aura, especially humans, animals and plants. Another word for an Aura is an Electromagnetic Field. This aura is the subtle energy field. Physics suggests that every thing is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that our consciousness interacts with the subtle energies that underlie and sustain physical reality.

EinsteinIn Western culture, Allopathic Medicine is grounded in the Newtonian view that the human body is a machine controlled by the brain and the nervous system. But, there is another approach to healing, the Einsteinian pattern which is seen in Vibrational medicine. This paradigm sees the human being as a network of complex energy fields that merge with physical and cellular systems. All matter is energy.

“The theoretical perspective is that our subtle bodies or the aura are affected by our emotional, mental, and spiritual states. If there are imbalances, in any of these areas, it will then affect the physical body.” (3)

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