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the-healer-dina-cormick5 February  - 19 March 2017
Reiki I and Energy Healing
Day: Sunday afternoon
Time: 14:00-17:00 
3 hours a week for 7 weeks (total 2 hours)
Investment: R2000

This course includes: 

Energy Healing
What is energy?
How are we affected by energy?
Energy exercise: Creating a plasma ball
Energy and your personal reality
Spiritual laws in action
Notes on light
A well-balanced light diet
The aura
Strengthening and protecting the aura
The three planes and the seven energy bodies
Creative process of health
Process of dis-ease
The seven major in-body chakras
Healing our duality
More about chakras
Energy anatomy charts
Chakra chart
What is healing?
The healer’s toolbox
Exercises and Meditations

Reiki 1
What is Reiki
Reiki Hand positions
Reiki principles
Exercises and meditations



Reiki 2: 23 April-7 May 2017: (3 weeks)
(Investment: R950)

Part 1
The History of Symbols
More about the symbols
Protecting the symbols
Part 2
Reiki Emotional Healing Meditation
Establishing Personal Boundaries
Part 3
Distant Healings
How does distant Healing Work?
How to send a distant healing
Beaming technique
Doing Reiki on a list of recipients
Group Distant healing
Part 4
Exercises and additional hand positions
Part 5
Reiki II Symbols Test

Reiki 3a: 21 May-4 June 2017 (3 weeks)
(Investment: R1000)

The Usui Master Symbol
Energy / Psychic Surgery
Lymph Drainage
Energy Connections
Ketsueki Kokan
Meditation to dissolve limitations
The Usui Master symbol meditation
Hearing angels
Usui Master Symbol test
The Healers Oath

The next Reiki 1 and Energy healing Course will be divided into 2 parts:
Energy Healing: 16 July-13 August 2017
Reiki 1: 27 August-3 September 2017

Reiki 2: 17 September-1 October 2017

Reiki 3a: 15-29 October 2017


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